Bible Studies
Written by Jim Jordal   
Wednesday, 29 August 2012


By Jim Jordal

As this election season swings into full gear (or maybe that happened last winter) it might be time to ask ourselves a serious question: Who rules the United States?

Is it President Obama? No, because anyone who knows the slightest truth about the American system of government knows that presidential power is limited by the Constitution, Congress, the Supreme Court, the electorate and who knows what else.

Is it Congress? That’s almost a joke when you consider the fragmented, angry chaos now engulfing the legislative halls. No, it’s not Congress.

Is it the Supreme Court? Some people think the Court has now taken the reins of government because of its ability to interpret or even create law, as it did two years ago in the Citizens United case in which it equated political spending by corporations with the exercise of free speech by individuals. But no, it’s not the Court simply because they also are limited by the power of presidential appointment and constitutional amendment.

Is it the people? That’s wishful thinking, if not actual delusion. Yes, the people do vote, but for whom, based upon what information? Political parties choose the candidates vetted by the power structure, so do the people really run their government? I think not.

Is it the Constitution? Here’s where I’ll say that I wish it were the Constitution. Perhaps at one time it was but that seems to have been lost somewhere along the line as money and power trumped justice in determining what the law means and how it should be applied. No, it’s not the Constitution.

So, if not any of these, who or what is it?

Perhaps another way to address this issue is with another question: Who or what in this nation operates virtually without restraint from the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Constitution, or the people? Who or what has power to choose candidates for national office and get them elected? Who can determine if you have a job, whether your retirement funds will last as long as you do, and how much you will pay in taxes? Who decides to plunge us into hopeless wars of attrition? Who determines most of what you eat, what you view on the media, whether you will breathe clean air, and what kind (if any) of medical care you will receive? Who has power to influence and even control your thinking patterns on national issues? Who has made money a god and consumerism a virtual religion? And who controls almost all aspects of your life, whether or not you are aware of it?

Well, if you read my writing regularly you’ll know that I consider this nation to be increasingly controlled by a "velvet glove" domination system known in Scripture as Babylon, and today composed of powerful global corporations, financial powers, and their political lap dogs. Its purpose is to gain sufficient control of political and economic institutions to create a continuous transfer of wealth up the economic ladder to the very few oligarchs at the top. To accomplish this process of quiet conquest it suborns religion to gain legitimacy. It moulds the public perception of issues through myths and lies designed to create compliant citizens favoring its policies. It teaches its values in the public educational system. It controls the legislative process through almost unlimited campaign contributions and hordes of lobbyists. It creates financial institutions willing to do its bidding. And it holds aloft the threat of force to control opposition, although up to now it has been a relatively "soft" system because it prefers to control, not with naked force, but with the even more powerful force of love---for money, possessions, power, status, influence, and entertainment. Its grip on American minds is immense and essentially unresisted.

And what does Scripture say about Babylon? Perhaps Psalm 94:20 says it best: "Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law, have fellowship with you?" Here Babylon sits enthroned at the apex of world power, using her exalted position to "create evil by law." Elsewhere, Scripture calls it "the hammer of the whole earth," "the destroyer of my heritage," "the staff of the wicked," "the scepter of rulers," and "the habitation of devils."

Next week we’ll talk more about specifics of the domination system now covering the entire earth---no one escapes its greedy clutches. It hammers the earth to pieces and destroys nations. It props up rulers and supports the wicked. It is everything God says it is, and yet American religion has little to say about it. We stand quietly by as it goes about its task of creating evil.

Will this domination system be able to complete its quiet conquest of America? Oppressive systems have always existed, and have generally succeeded—at least for a time---in thoroughly oppressing their people, especially the farming, laboring, and middle classes. But not this time, because we will soon pray the prayer of the prophet Daniel. More next week.