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Bible Studies
Written by Jim Jordal   
Thursday, 14 March 2013


By Jim Jordal

One chief attribute of domination systems is their ability to literally create evil through their financial and political power to subvert existing legal systems and even create new ones open to do their bidding. The biblical Psalmist labeled such power the "throne of iniquity," and said it "devises evil by law." They thus have power to tilt formerly level playing fields (markets, legislative bodies, courts, regulatory agencies) to their advantage. This ability to create evil by law (and the corollary ability to extend existing evil by refusing to consider needed legislation) faces us daily in the extended struggles of Congress over money, deficits, debt limits, and fiscal cliffs, not to mention the current virtual war over gun control.

The last time we had even a remotely level playing field where labor could work out its issues with management was during the middle 1970s. That was when the field began to tilt steeply in favor of the owners of capital rather than owners of labor, due at least partly to "right to work laws." With the advent of the Reagan Administration in 1981 the die was cast in favor of management and ownership over labor.

Domination systems excuse the legal evil they create by developing a language of denial and blame. When thousands of workers lose their jobs, as in the recent "Twinkies" disaster, the money powers excuse it simply as "market operations." They blame union demands for adequate wages as the culprit while seldom mentioning the role of venture (vulture) capitalists in purchasing a struggling company using borrowed money, passing the debt on to the company, collecting huge advisory fees, selling off whatever units of the company still have value, then taking the failed company into bankruptcy. This entire destructive and evil sequence makes millions for the owners and manipulators of capital while leaving behind thousands of unemployed workers and suffering families, not to mention devastated communities now deprived of tax receipts and a viable economy. But it’s morally acceptable because it’s the market!

Around 1950 Austrian-American economist Joseph Schumpeter popularized the theory now known as "creative destruction" to describe how continued cycles of productive innovation resulted in economic growth for capitalistic economies. In theory the destruction of one unprofitable industry or productive process led to the growth of newer more efficient methods and industries. When applied to machines and techniques the process has considerable value, but when applied to labor it becomes little more than a cruel, heartless destruction of workers and families. When government creates tax write-offs rewarding innovative practices that destroy people along with machines, then you have evil devised by law.

This form of evil occurs thousands of times per year and unfortunately is often supported by the very people it destroys. Corporate lies explaining why they are forced to behave in manners destructive to masses of people become believable as religious pontificators, media flaks, misled economists, subverted politicians lull the unsuspecting public into passive acceptance of their own destruction.

And it will continue until you who have not been harmed become as incensed as those who are harmed. It’s easy for "successful" Americans safe in their snug homes and protected communities to avoid or deny the existence of this sort of evil because it never comes near them. It’s difficult to become incensed over what happens in destitute families living amid crime, corruption, poverty and hopelessness because most of what we hear blames them for their problems, thus allowing the remainder of us to avoid the issue. It’s equally difficult to become angry over something we feel we have no concern with or any possibility of making a difference in.

But as the world becomes more complex and the problems grow exponentially while remedial resources grow much more slowly due to lack of funding and a studied disinterest, these issues will come closer to prominent people who believe their money and power will somehow save them from the wave of destruction inevitably following the "devising of evil by law."

How long will it take?