Bible Studies
Written by Jim Jordal   
Wednesday, 03 December 2014


By Jim Jordal

With the recent news of rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, and the equally unsettling appearance of supportive and sometimes violent demonstrations almost worldwide, one must wonder about the source and motivation of such continuing unrest. Why are people angry enough to destroy their own commercial districts and supporting infrastructure, the loss of which hurts them more than anyone else?

Preachers pray for peace and politicians promise better things, but the unrest continues. It’s as if the people no longer believe or trust their spiritual and political leaders. They trust revolutionary voices on the street more than duly constituted leaders, a misdirected trust that threatens the very foundations of democracy and human freedom.

We appear unable to learn anything from the lessons of history. A post-First World War Germany, economically and politically prostrate from the harsh conditions posed by the Treaty of Versailles, spawned the rise of Hitler and the totalitarianism of National Socialism. A similar tragedy occurred in Russia as the peasants, driven to hopelessness by poverty and oppression; fell under the control of an equally totalitarian Communism. So the excesses of the Russian aristocracy were replaced by something even worse, the total control of bodies and minds by a godless, pervasive form of autocracy aiming to eventually control the entire earth.

Mindless violence and destruction is the natural outcome of oppression. So why are we so surprised when it occurs? I’m sure that the remainer of the House of Romanov, shot by revolutionaries in the basement of a farm house in rural Russia, were equally surprised at the violence about to destroy them. They probably asked, “What are you so angry about? What have we done to deserve this?”

Another truth seems to be that oppressors seldom comprehend why their victims are so upset. And even if they do question the source of people’s anger, they console themselves with the delusion that this also will disappear. But God says differently because the time is here to separate the economic and political sheep from the goats.

The issues are larger than racial discrimination, police intransigence, public indifference, media fear-mongering, or official posturing. The issues are systemic, and lie far beyond the borders of Ferguson. They reach into the halls of Congress, the towers of Wall Street, the boardrooms of great global corporations, and the secret places where power resides all across the globe.

Simply stated, the system consists of laws, judicial decisions, public policy and the institutions built to carry them out. It is deliberately created by the elite few to seize and maintain power. They can then control the earth by transferring the labor and suffering of the masses to the bank accounts and gated-communities of the super-rich, often defined as those having at least $30 million in assets. According to the November, 2014 report by the Swiss banking giant UBS and WealthX, a Singapore-based research group, these high-rollers make up .004 percent of world population, but control almost 13 percent of wealth.

The Ferguson police and courts are but extensions of this power structure. They exist because it wishes them to exist, and they do its will because they have no other reasonable choice if they wish to continue.

Destitution and despair arise when those living in poverty begin to realize that because the game is rigged against them they have virtually no chance to climb the economic ladder to middle class status. They have no voice in the public debate, nor does the power structure seem to have any real concern for them. So the anger and frustration boil over into protests and sometimes violence as their only viable avenues for self-expression.

Frustration does not excuse rioting and violence, but it does help understand one source of public expressions of discontent with things as they are. The “joy to the world” aspects of Christmas are merely words for many suffering people seeking better lives for themselves and their families. Too bad the people with power don’t listen.