Bible Studies
Written by Jim Jordal   
Thursday, 30 April 2015


By Jim Jordal

I can’t think of any period in human history when times have been as threatening and potentially world-destroying as they are today. No place on earth remains unchallenged by violent climatic events, political and social upheaval, economic disaster, or famine and disease. No one is exempt because existing world systems---good or bad--- now reach and affect every human on earth.

Naysayers claim that this is not new, since the earth has never been without natural disasters, wars, and other threatening events or situations. But never before have they been as great in magnitude or as universal in scope .This dire situation was predicted many centuries ago in Scripture as the consequence of human arrogance and disobedience to God’s laws demanding justice, truth, and mercy for the earth and its inhabitants. Again and again God’s people go through the cycle of disobedience, disaster, recovery, and reclamation, only to repeat it as arrogant disobedience replaces humble obedience.

Today the Old Order with its oppression, gross injustice, idolatry, lies, and delusions of permanence totters over its open grave; with the vulture-like grave diggers of war, revolution, growing poverty, failed government, and environmental collapse eagerly awaiting opportunity to provide a final push. It is collapsing because it is so entrenched in egregious evil that it cannot be made fit for the Kingdom of God. Revelation warns against useless and frustrating attempts to heal the Monster, because God has forsaken it.

But with impending crisis comes new opportunity. A new earth and a new world order are struggling now to be born. Breakthroughs in science, medicine, and almost unbelievable technological advances in communication and information appear almost daily. But they cannot be fully implemented or enjoyed because greedy, unconscionable persons wait to seize for their own empire building and profit whatever benefits accrue.

So how can average people benefit from advances in medicine, science, and technology? It’s mostly by recognizing that the old models of human organization are failing because they cannot transfer the benefits of progress to those most needing them. Free market economics today largely rejects any moral values that might threaten corporate profits. Many economists still spout the old mantra that the science of economics describes only what is, not what ought to be. Under this bankrupt scenario, moral values become irrelevant as society rushes headlong toward increased production and endless growth in profits. But the people and the planet cannot endure much more of this---it’s absolutely unsustainable!

The new world now being born is the world of God’s earthly kingdom headed by his Son, Jesus Christ. It will use the Jubilee model of the Old Testament as its operating system, and will feature, as the first sermon of Jesus in Luke 4:18-19 relates, gospel, or good news to the poor; healing for the broken-hearted; liberty to the captives and the oppressed; and restored sight to the blind. God’s system depends on righteous application of biblical principles of justice, not political parties or election platforms. Jubilee is bigger than politics, meaning that its principles can be carried out under any form of righteous government if it creates justice for the public, is honest and forthright in its dealings, and values mercy and righteousness above human aspirations for wealth and power.

How real is this biblical vision of a New World wherein dwells righteousness? For those depending upon the failing dream of the innate perfectibility of humankind, I can’t see much hope. When evil persons and even more evil philosophies and supposed “truths” become supreme, using their increasing power to gather even more power to themselves, it’s difficult to see how reason and justice can penetrate such a barrier.

But adverse circumstances will finally tip the scales away from failing human systems and toward God’s version of righteousness and justice. Human wisdom and systems are falling apart at an increasing pace. God’s system and values await  the proper time for revelation upon the earth. So have faith and hold on!