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Written by Jim Jordal   
Wednesday, 23 September 2015


By Jim Jordal

To accept that the U.S. is a Christian nation upsets some people, even Christians. They perceive the ever-present evil in our land, and so can’t believe that we could possibly be a Christian nation. In fact, as do some Islamic fundamentalists, they often label us the "Great Satan."

It is my purpose today to present some identifying characteristics of a Christian nation with the hope that some who have difficulty seeing the good in this country will realize that--in spite of the many evils present in our society--we are a Christian nation with a God-given national destiny to lead the world into Christ’s millennial kingdom.

I think the first identifying characteristic of a Christian nation would be a foundation of biblical Christian principles. There can be no serious doubt that this was so in our country. Colonial charters, the first state Constitutions, famous historic documents, and the papers of many prominent early Americans reveal this intent. To claim otherwise is to ignore fact.

Another identifying characteristic is the predominance of Christian religions over the course of our history. This is not to ignore the Jewish faith, which, although historically small in numbers, has often supplemented Christian faiths in preserving Old Testament traditions of righteousness, justice, mercy, and truth--values venerated by both religions.

Of course persons wishing to see us as something other than a Christian nation point to the rapid proliferation of Islam as evidence that even though we might once have been a Christian culture, we are no longer. What they fail to realize is that other religions exist and prosper precisely because of Christian ethics of toleration, loving acceptance, and passivity--more evidences of our Christian roots.

Another characteristic of Christian nations is a generous, compassionate national character. What other nations give so generously of time and treasure to meet natural disasters abroad as the Christian nations? And what other nation in modern history has ever restored and reconstructed conquered nations as we did Germany and Japan following World War Two?

Even something as seemingly trivial as place names gives evidence of our Christian roots: Goshen, Bethel, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Shiloh, Carmel, Philadelphia, Ephraim, Hebron, and Canaan scatter themselves across a map of the United States just as they do one of ancient Israel. And what of given names: John, Matthew, James, David, Daniel, Amos, Samuel, Joel, Mark, Paul, Peter, Mary, Timothy, and hosts of others? Doesn’t this say something of our national origins and culture?

And what of the reservoir of faith in and response to Jehovah God and His Son, Jesus Christ, persisting in the land? Yes, the voice may sometimes be muted, but it is always there.

So if all this is true, why isn’t America mentioned in Scripture? The answer is that America is mentioned in Scripture, just not by name. There are scores of biblical references to the role of God’s people in history, but Christians almost universally assign these to the present nation of Israel. But if you look at the behaviors of God’s people mentioned in Scripture, the signs fit the Western world far more than they do Israel.

Another counter-argument is that if America is Christian, then why is there so much evil exhibited in our land? No one disputes that there is much evil in the land. But perhaps this unfortunate situation is but another proof of my premise. I think we understand enough of Satan to know that he opposes good, not evil. So if you look at the ever-present evil from another viewpoint, you might realize that Satan motivates great evil in the land precisely because of our Christian nature. Satan knows our destiny, even though we often do not.

We could go on to look at our obvious blessings of extensive and fruitful lands, abundant natural resources, and productive and resourceful people as further examples of God’s favor. We could also cite our freedoms as derived from Scripture, the righteous basic of our legal system, the rule of law rather than rule by tyrannical decree, our generally peace-loving national attitude, and many other signs that we are in fact a Christian nation. Don’t allow those who claim otherwise to deceive you---we are Christian in national character, and will remain so until the Lord returns.