Written by Jim Jordal   
Thursday, 13 July 2017


By Jim Jordal

“Each night when I put my children to bed, I pray for them, and always pray that God would protect them from anything that could harm them. Usually I’m thinking of accidents, illnesses, animals, evil people…until tonight it never occurred to me to ask God to protect them from law-makers intent on destroying the services and programs they will need as they grow up, the education they deserve and the safety nets previous generations tried to put in place for them. Lord, protect all our children and help us leave them a world better than the one we inherited. Amen.”                                                        

This agonizing prayer came to me over the internet from Marissa Sanders, a friend now active in educational leadership in West Virginia. It got me thinking about the many sources of fear, how erosive and debilitating endemic fear can be, and what could be the reasons behind the fear now pervading the news media and law enforcement agencies nation- wide.

People can’t seem to put their fingers on the issue, but they all feel that something is desperately wrong in our society. Having no place to legitimately and effectively present their concerns, they lash out in miss-directed anger against all forms of authority. That’s why we hear almost daily of attacks against police, schools, government bodies and even completely innocent persons guilty of nothing more that “just being there.”

How tragic that those who care deeply for the welfare of their families and loved ones have a new fear taking shape---that the very people supposedly creating and supporting the “good life” should now be the source of their fear. But that’s what is sweeping Washington with the onslaught against Medicare and Medicaid, and the thought that somehow it’s O.K. to cut millions of needy persons from medical insurance in return for tax cuts for the top one percent. How on earth can anyone think that this impending travesty of justice is somehow acceptable to God? And how can anyone claiming to stand for justice accept such awesome hubris as that shown by supporters of this bill?

A similar, if not so personal, attack on justice is the attempted lifting of barriers and regulations aimed at protecting parks and monuments and other national treasures from incursions by corporations interested only at maximizing income. It’s happening right here in Minnesota as the Polymet Mine skirmish pits developers seeking to open massive open pit mines on streams entering the Boundary Waters Wilderness against the Sierra Club and hosts of concerned citizen groups. Supporters point to the 360 full times jobs and perhaps 200 more in supporting businesses, while opponents point to the sorry history of mining companies promising limited pollution that never materializes. Of course Polymet will put up reserves to help undo any damage to this national treasure. But past experience with greedy corporations indicates that damages may far exceed whatever funds are escrowed.

If these impending tragedies don’t cause you deep concern for the future of your children, perhaps they should. Scripture mentions several times that fear will accompany the “great shaking” of the earth’s people and systems as the Kingdom of God on Earth struggles to be born. Part of this process is that secrets will be revealed and those perpetrating evil will be exposed. So it’s no accident that Donald Trump. Jr. has been exposed for very-questionable activities concerning his contacts with Russia. One headline said the “White House is paralyzed” by these exposures, with more to come as the interest groups (read big corporations) and their shills scurry for cover.  

God says it’s time for the many injustices and oppressions under existing world orders to change or face disintegration. Yes, it’s a scary time, but God is still driving the bus, as Mary says, so just get a good hold and hang on for the ride---it’s going to be a doozy!